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Easily record podcasts and videos in studio quality from anywhere. All from your browser or mobile app

Riverside Fm - AI tool for Content Creation, Video recording, Audio quality, Podcasting

πŸ“ What is Riverside Fm?

Riverside.fm is the go-to platform for podcasters, interviewers, and content creators looking for high-quality recordings from any location. Trusted by Mark Zuckerberg, Kerry Washington, and other notable figures, the platform offers a smooth and hassle-free recording experience. Unlike other online conferencing tools, Riverside.fm ensures smooth recording with uncompressed crystal-clear audio, continuous file uploading, separate audio and video tracks for all participants, and local recording up to 4K video resolution.

With Riverside.fm, creators can produce more content with ease. The platform offers an editor where creators can edit their content with just a few clicks. They can also create clips for social media to reach a broader audience without extra effort. With the platform's accessible audience link, anyone can join the live recording session and watch the conversation unfold in real-time. Plus, with its transcription feature, creators can convert their podcasts and videos into text in seconds for easy access to highlights and quotes.

Whether on a desktop or mobile device, Riverside.fm makes it easy to record high-quality audio and video remotely. Its features improve workflow, including production mode and controls, screen sharing, scheduler, and invite link for up to eight guests. Plus, users of the platform can enjoy the Riverside app, making it easier to record audio and video with their exceptional cameras.

Riverside.fm is a game-changer for online interviews, and users love the platform. Join the likes of Casey Helmick and others today by signing up for Riverside.fm and revolutionize the way you create content. Get started today and record high-quality audio and video with ease.

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Pricing model: Freemium
Paid plan starts at: $15.0/Month

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  • Web

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