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Munch - AI tool for Content Creation, Video editing, Social media marketing

πŸ“ What is Munch?

Munch is a platform that utilizes generative AI technology and marketing analytics to extract the best clips from long-form videos. The technology is trusted by professionals and features an all-in-one platform for automatic editing, auto-caption generation, and seamless publishing on social media platforms.
Munch uses advanced AI capabilities, including GPT3, OCR, and NLP, to analyze content and provide top marketing data to users. The platform's video AI ensures that every clip is centered on the action and optimized for performance on any platform.
Users can generate instant social posts based on their video content and use Munch's intuitive video editor to create the perfect clip. Munch allows users to extract the most out of their existing content and improve engagement to upscale their content strategy.
The platform has received rave reviews from users who appreciate its ability to save time and money while boosting revenue.

πŸ’° Pricing:

Pricing model: Paid
Paid plan starts at: $49.0/Month

πŸ’» Platforms:

  • Web

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