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ThirdAI's Universal Deep Transformers (UDT) library for AutoML provides a unified API for a wide range of machine learning tasks and data modalities. Powered by the revolutionary BOLT algorithm, our UDT product lowers the cost of model training and refreshing significantly. With our proprietary sparse inference algorithms and UDT library, inference latencies under 1 millisecond on standard CPUs can be achieved. ThirdAI places special emphasis on providing attribution and explanation for any AI decisions made, making our production-ready UDT software both explainable and trustable. Furthermore, our UDT library is designed to be production-ready first and foremost, ensuring immediate deployment. ThirdAI's UDT has the exceptional advantage of reducing carbon emissions for some of the most challenging AI workloads without compromising on accuracy. Join us in revolutionizing AI and democratizing it to any hardware.

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