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Chat interface that goes beyond basic messaging

Superpower ChatGPT - AI tool for Prompt library, Chat interface

πŸ“ What is Superpower ChatGPT?

Superpower ChatGPT is a user-friendly interface that adds extra functionality to your chat experience. With the ability to export your chats to various formats, including .txt, .json, and .md, you can easily search through previous chats and highlight results for quick review. Plus, with support for over 190 different languages, you can change ChatGPT response language with just one click.

Keep a copy of all your chats synced locally to your computer, enabling the use of features like history, input prompts, word and character counters, and even timestamps for all chats. Pin important messages in each conversation, easily access them using the quick navigation sidebar, and select and delete a group of chats when needed.

The Prompt Library is the perfect feature for those who want to get inspiration from hundreds of other prompts created by the GPT Community and easily share their prompts too. Upvote, downvote, and report prompts, and sort them by the most upvoted, filtering them by category and language. The input history modal enables you to scroll through all your input history, mark them as favorites, and search through them along with hundreds of prompt examples.

Customize the Continue button, open/close the sidebar for more space on smaller screens, and enable/disable Safe Mode, which doesn't save any of your conversations on our database, ensuring the highest level of privacy. Read the popular daily AI newsletter right inside ChatGPT to stay informed on the latest developments.

With more features coming soon, Superpower ChatGPT is your go-to interface for a seamless chat experience.

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Pricing model: Freemium
Paid plan starts at: NA

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