Skybox AI

Transforming ideas into breathtaking panoramic images

Skybox AI - AI tool for Image Generator, 3D Images, Background Images

📝 What is Skybox AI?

Skybox AI is a free 360° image generator from Blockade Labs that lets you create panoramic images according to your prompts and drawings.
Simply imagine a world, and create it with AI in seconds.

With Skybox AI, you can just type in a description of the scene you want to make, and Skybox AI will make a photorealistic 360° image for you.

Use cases of Skybox AI:
- Create immersive virtual experiences
- Create art and design projects
- Create custom backgrounds for VR games and applications
- Create educational content
- Create marketing materials

Skybox offers 2 modes:
- Sketch mode
- Remix mode

💰 Pricing:

Pricing model: Free
Paid plan starts at: NA

💻 Platforms:

  • Web

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