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Safurai - AI tool for Code Assistant, Bug testing, Software Sevelopment

πŸ“ What is Safurai?

Introducing Safurai, the ultimate AI Code Assistant that goes beyond just the basic features offered by others. With Safurai, you can ask for documentation or comments, and get clear and concise explanations of your code. Have bugs and problems? Safurai helps you optimize your code in seconds with its advanced refactoring feature. And with just a few clicks, you can easily refactor your code and improve it significantly. Plus, with Safurai's unit testing feature, you can have tests in place and improve your code with ease. So why wait? Join the countless developers who have already experienced the power of Safurai, your ultimate code assistant.

πŸ’° Pricing:

Pricing model: Freemium
Paid plan starts at: NA

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  • Web

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