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πŸ“ What is Promptitude? is a revolutionary tool that enables SaaS and mobile app developers to easily integrate powerful AI-generated prompts into their apps. With the ability to create, test, and manage all prompts in one place, Promptitude streamlines the process of developing text generation and information extraction features.

For SaaS developers looking to differentiate their apps and wow their users, Promptitude offers a rapid solution that can be integrated in less than a day. Existing users can benefit from powerful GPT features, like text generation and creative assistance.

Prompt engineers and users alike will appreciate the beautiful interface, built-in end-user rating, and the ability to gather user feedback, which enables easy prompt improvement.

AI hosting providers will also find Promptitude to be a valuable tool, empowering their users with easy-to-use prompt management while keeping costs low.

By mixing and matching different AI providers and models, users can save on costs by picking the smallest sufficient model. With Promptitude, anyone can create, test, and manage powerful GPT prompts without wasting precious development time.

The platform also enables testing and improvement of GPT prompts with user feedback, allowing for better results in a variety of use cases. Users who get started with Promptitude can enjoy a free trial and benefit from the ready-to-use GPT prompt library. With Promptitude, adding GPT to your SaaS app has never been easier.

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