Pebblo by Daxa AI

Safely load data in your Gen AI applications

Pebblo by Daxa AI - AI tool for AI Security, Gen AI Applications, AI Compliance

๐Ÿ“ What is Pebblo by Daxa AI?

Pebblo enables developers to safely load data and promote their Gen AI app to deployment without worrying about the organizationโ€™s compliance and security requirements. The project identifies semantic topics and entities found in the loaded data and summarizes them on the UI or a PDF report.

- Identify semantic topics and entities in your data loaded in RAG applications
- Accelerate time-to-production by effortlessly meeting your organizationโ€™s data compliance requirements
- Mitigate security risks arising from data poisoning and emerging threats.
- Comply with regulations such as the EU AI Act with custom reports and data records
- Support for a wide range of Gen AI development frameworks and data loaders
- Flexible reporting options on the UI, PDF, JSON and more

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Pricing model: Open Source
Paid plan starts at: NA

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AI Security Gen AI Applications AI Compliance

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