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Goose AI - AI tool for Natural Language Processing, NLP-as-a-Service, AI infrastructure

📝 What is Goose AI?

GooseAI is a fully managed NLP-as-a-Service that's delivered via API and costs 30% less than the industry standard APIs. With GooseAI, you can easily switch your infrastructure with just one line of code and enjoy faster speeds with feature parity. GooseAI offers classic NLP use cases, including text completion/generation, question/answer, and classification.
With engines like GPT-Neo 1.3B, Fairseq 1.3B, Fairseq 13B, and GPT-NeoX 20B, GooseAI is the go-to platform for all your NLP needs. You can try GooseAI and see for yourself how it outperforms others in terms of cost and performance. Don't wait any longer, migrate your NLP to GooseAI and watch your workflow soar.

💰 Pricing:

Pricing model: Freemium
Paid plan starts at: $0.000035/API Request

💻 Platforms:

  • Web

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