Garry – AI Graphic Designer

Create stunning graphics for your business with Garry – AI Graphic Designer.

Garry – AI Graphic Designer - AI tool for Productivity, Graphic design, Virtual assistant, AI Assistant, AI, AI Employees

📝 What is Garry – AI Graphic Designer?

Branding made simple with an AI graphic designer at your service
• Simply chat with Garry to get a stunning logo designed for your business
• Boost your digital engagement using Social Media graphics & posters designed by Garry
• Garry can also design professional looking visiting cards, pamphlets and brochures for your business.

Hire AI graphic designer employee to add more firepower to your team, who work 24/7 to do graphic design activities
• Available 24/7, every single day of the year
• 10x cheaper and more efficient than a human employee
• Continuously self-improving and trainable to learn new skills

Accessible wherever you are, across your favourite platforms and Apps - Web, iOS, Android, Slack etc
Built by leaders of open source AI Agents technology and Agentic research:
• All task execution powered by Autonomous Agents, verified by Humans
• Powered by SuperAGI’s Large Agentic Models with advanced reasoning and action capabilities
• Backed by AGI researchers dedicated to developing new agentic capabilities like multi-agent systems, SoTA LAMs, Self-improving agents etc

💰 Pricing:

Pricing model: Free Trial
Paid plan starts at: $49.0/Month

💻 Platforms:

  • API
  • Mobile
  • Web

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