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Freeday - AI tool for Outsourcing, Customer interactions, Cost reduction, Digital staffing, Talented team

πŸ“ What is Freeday? is the ultimate solution for anyone looking for an easy way to outsource pesky repetitive tasks. As Europe's premier digital staffing platform, Freeday provides next-gen artificial intelligence-enabled multi-channel services that boast a high percentage of success in customer interactions. With Freeday, you can elevate your effort score with always-on, no queues service that is second-to-none.

Freeday has a team of talented digital employees, such as J&ssy who can handle all those mundane onboarding tasks and elevate your employee experience via proactive employee check-ins. J#hn specializes in analyzing and processing all relevant IDs to compare extracted data to industry standards, completing unlimited verifications in a heartbeat.

Fleet-footed e-mail handling is Rich%rd's forte. With excellent document identification and extraction skills, Rich%rd perpetually classifies and follows up on incoming emails to ensure zero to none lead time on your e-mail responses.

At Freeday, you can unbore your work, elevate experiences, increase your workforce, reduce costs, and make data-driven decisions. We take pride in our safety and accuracy, and we will help you limit labor shortage with our innovative staffing solutions.

Our clients and partners trust our digital employees to handle a wide range of tasks, including customer care, employee engagement, and accounts payable.

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