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ChatGPT to Notion

ChatGPT to Notion - AI tool for Chatbot, Conversational AI, Notion

πŸ“ What is ChatGPT to Notion?

ChatGPT to Notion is an extension that combines ChatGPT's cleverness with your favorite app. With this extension, you can easily save specific answers and related prompts from ChatGPT's page to your Notion database of choice. Additionally, if you want to save the entire discussion, you can do so from the extension popup. You can link as many databases with the extension as you need to and choose which database to save your discussion at the time of saving. During the saving process, the extension accesses Notion's API to save the content, and the newly saved content is appended to the end of the page if a page with the same title already exists in the database.

For privacy and security reasons, certain data, such as your Notion user ID and the key that enables communication with your workspace, are stored remotely, and your data is never shared with any third-party. The code used for this feature is open source and can be found on GitHub. The extension accesses specific websites like,,, and You can remove the extension's access to your Notion workspace through the settings, and it will stop accessing your workspace as long as you don't reinstall it and redo the authentication process.

In case you have any suggestions or issues, you can check out the extension's GitHub page or send an email to the extension maker. Overall, ChatGPT to Notion makes it easy to combine the power of ChatGPT with the organization of Notion.

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Pricing model: Freemium
Paid plan starts at: NA

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