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📝 What is BotPenguin?

BotPenguin is a chatbot maker that drives more leads, engagement, and better customer support in all platforms. With its omnichannel support, businesses can generate more sales, achieve better commerce, and even improve their marketing automations. Its endless possibilities allow businesses to transform into a superbiz, turn visitors into customers and traffic into revenue, and customize offers and discounts for their customers. The structured support feature provides assistance 24x7 all year round, segregating customers based on demographics, purchasing habits, or any criteria desired. BotPenguin's integration with over 60+ native integrations, CRMs, appointment schedulers, and analytics make it easier for businesses to communicate with B2B and B2C businesses. Plus, BotPenguin's conversational AI and impressive response times come at affordable costs, ensuring businesses invest in future growth. In conclusion, BotPenguin is the perfect chatbot creator for any industry, whether it's e-commerce, education, healthcare, or consultancy. With BotPenguin, businesses can take care of their bot grunts and help customers seamlessly transition into bookings, showings, and support. Get started now and invest in your future!

💰 Pricing:

Pricing model: Freemium
Paid plan starts at: $5.0/Month

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  • Mobile
  • Web

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