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BabbleBots - AI tool for Recruitment, Hiring, Interviews, Assessments, Voice-biometrics

πŸ“ What is BabbleBots?

Meet AI-Recruiters from - the game-changing AI platform that revolutionizes the hiring process! With its powerful GPT3 technology and customizable interviews, AI-Recruiters conduct human-like interviews with limitless candidates, focusing on the best ones for you. Say goodbye to hours of scheduling time, and hello to lightning-fast interviews that can be done from laptops or mobile phones, without any app download needed.

Experience skill-based questions, technical and logical queries, and get verified with voice-biometrics and video imaging. Authentication via video interviews is also an option for your convenience.

The AI platform also features a customized assessment and dashboard, where internal ML-models enable communication confidence and assess spoken English without biases, rating a candidate solely on their language proficiency.

Plus, the candidate engagement system ensures reminders to complete interviews to maximize candidate engagement, and one-click invites make sending interview invitations to hundreds of candidates a breeze.

πŸ’° Pricing:

Pricing model: Paid
Paid plan starts at: $119.0/Month

πŸ’» Platforms:

  • Web

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