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Avoma - AI tool for Collaboration, Transcripts, Meetings, Insights

πŸ“ What is Avoma?

Avoma.com is the AI Meeting Lifecycle Assistant trusted by over 700 high-growth organizations. With Avoma, participants can get transcript and AI notes, improving conversations, and saving time during meetings. Teams can collaborate effortlessly regardless of location or function, ensuring better alignment. Leaders can access critical insights for data-driven decisions, coaching, and increasing deal win rates.

Say goodbye to note-taking and missed action items with Avoma's Meeting Assistant. Get automatic recording, high-quality transcripts, and AI-generated Notes for key topics, and take time-stamped notes. Search within transcripts and playback recordings with time-stamped notes, making it easy to remember the details.

Avoma's Meeting Collaboration feature shortens sales cycles by allowing teams to effortlessly collaborate and build data-driven products. Snippets and Playlists enable instant sharing of feedback with product and marketing teams, and Conversation Intelligence can provide insight into competitor gaps, features requested, and custom trackers.

With Avoma's Conversation & Revenue Intelligence, coaching insights help reduce employee ramp time, and curating Playlists of best moments, listening to calls at 1.5x speeds, and leaving comments provide valuable feedback. Conversation Intelligence provides visibility into topic trends and talk patterns, while Revenue Intelligence uncovers deal risks.

Avoma is optimized for a variety of organizational needs, including sales, customer success, marketing, design and UX, product, and recruiting. Clients praise Avoma for its ability to optimize conversations for individuals and teams alike.

Try Avoma today and make the most out of every conversation for 14 days, with easy setup and no hassle.

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Pricing model: Freemium
Paid plan starts at: $17.0/Month

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