The Only Generative AI that Creates, Improves and Scores Copy Based on Your Brand & Marketing Goals

Anyword - AI tool for Copywriting, Marketing, Campaign optimization, Performance tracking

πŸ“ What is Anyword?

Anyword is the only generative AI available that can create, improve, and score copy based on your brand and marketing goals. It's perfect for performance marketing, content marketing, and the entire marketing team. This AI tool can write ads and predict their engagement, allowing marketers to scale their campaigns and boost their performance. With Anyword, you can easily create on-brand content for any audience across social media, landing pages, blogs, website content, emails, and more in just a few clicks! This tool provides copy intelligence for the whole team, helping you analyze copy performance across channels and leverage your historic data and brand guidelines to craft powerful copy that drives a 30%+ increase in performance. Another great feature of Anyword is its ability to generate high-performing copy for every channel and use case, making it easy for you to identify top-performing copy before going live. It allows you to instantly create winning headlines based on your brand, audience, and goals and incorporates human-sounding content in every section of your post with smart prompt instructions. Anyword strives to be as user-friendly as possible, and its fast and SEO-friendly blog content creation features save you hours of research with instant article summaries, idea generation, and advanced writing tools. Additionally, you can create 100% original content with the help of Anyword's built-in plagiarism checker. With Copy Intelligence Analytics built for the post-generative AI marketing team, you can connect ad platforms, your website, email, and social channels for crucial cross-platform copy insights. Ensure all content across the organization is on-brand and compliant with your brand guidelines by using Anyword to understand, analyze, and improve copy across every channel in one powerful platform. Finally, leverage a Copy Scoring Model trained on your best-performing marketing campaigns for products, sites, clients, or campaigns with step-by-step guidance from Anyword's in-house experts. Stop sifting through a thousand copy variations and guessing which copy will perform best. Try Anyword to create powerful, brand-focused copy for all your marketing channels and improve your campaign performance with ease!

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Pricing model: Paid
Paid plan starts at: $24.0/Month

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  • Web

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